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Sample Examination Workshop

Hands-on examination with a binocular scope of reservoir rocks, seals, and source rocks from around the world. Carbonates, siliciclastics, oil shales, evaporates, pore types, diagenetic overprints, fractures, reservoir facies.

Sample Examination Workshop

Course Outline for Sample Examination Workshop

Sunday Day 1 Travel day
Monday Day 2 Lecture on common particle types
  Examine samples (artificial concentrates) of common particle types
Tuesday Day 3 Lecture on rock types
  Examine samples of various rock types, classifying siliciclastic and carbonate reservoir rocks
Wednesday Day 4 Lecture on diagenesis, its effect on reservoir quality, and oil types
  Examine samples with diagenetic overprints, especially dolomitization, and to examine oil samples
Thursday Day 5 Lecture on pore types (especially fractures) and permeability
  Estimate porosity amount, examine various pore types; compare estimates with real data
Friday Day 6 Lecture on how to describe cores and well cuttings
  Describe a core and a set of well cuttings
Saturday Day 7 Travel day


The instructor:
Dr. Clif Jordan has presented this workshop over twenty times in numerous oil capitals around the world. With all the complications of modern travel, it was decided for the first time to present the workshop where the samples reside, which is at Cedar Lake, an Ozark resort about an hour's drive south of St. Louis.

Basic Philosophy:
To present each day the basic theory involved and to demonstrate that with the aid of world-class samples.

The samples:
Cores and core slabs from reservoirs around the world form the basis for this workshop. Each workshop participant is provided a microscope and an individual collection of sample to examine. There are more samples available than time, so participants select those samples that are of special interest to them.

Course Notes:
A set of course notes is available for each participant.

Other Information:

  • The Workshop begins and ends at Lambert Field which is the St. Louis Airport.
  • Ground transportation to and from the St. Louis Airport is provided as part of the course.
  • The use of a binocular microscope is included, as are all mid-day meals.
  • Lodging is provided as part of the course.
  • Airfare, breakfasts, and dinners are NOT included.

Course Fee:
$3200 US
50% discount to students (limited)

To enroll:
Contact Clif Jordan at clif@carbonaterocks.com or at 832-472-4205
Send course fee to: IDS, Inc., 3591 Cedar Run Road, Bonne Terre, MO 63628

Typical Audience
Exploration and production geologists who rely on samples to tell them about depositional facies, diagenetic overprints, and reservoir porosity.
Mudloggers who generally log more the physical properties of cuttings will appreciate the benefits of adding geologic descriptions.


“practical material...no BS”
“helps me to understand what’s involved in mudlogging”
“hard to find a class on this topic”
“liked the practical hands-on experience”
“the hands-on approach”
“good use of ideal and real world samples”
“a very good overview”
“We need more applied technology, like this course.”

What to expect from this workshop:
You will...

learn the difference between percentage logs and interpretive logs
learn about near and far cavings
learn the pitfalls in cuttings examination
learn the tricks of the trade in well cuttings descriptions
learn to recognize bit-generated textures in cuttings
learn to judge the sample quality of cuttings
learn about thin-sections of cuttings
learn to recognize basic rock types and pore types in cuttings
go through hands-on exercises with “ideal samples”
walk through the poured cuttings of several wells
look at a set of well cuttings and log a few hundred feet

This workshop has been conducted in the following places:

New Orleans
Michigan Basin
Illinois Basin



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