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Report Outline

Southern GOM Report
by James Lee Wilson and Clif Jordan



Upper Jurassic Source Rocks:
Phase One -- Geology and Organic Geochemistry

Approximately 550 core and cuttings samples from 50 wells ... all from the same petroleum system. including Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian-Tithonian-Berrasian ages.

The Campeche shelf, the onshore Reforma Trend (including the Villahermosa Horst), the Comalcalco, Macuspana, and Isthmus Saline basins

We are basically integrating the geology and geochemistry of samples from this world-class petroleum system. Our database consists of the following components: geological data (tops, log suites, correlations, etrography of core/cuttings samples, and micropaleontology), and geochemical data (TOC, Rock-Eval, vitrinite reflectance, thermal alteration index, and visual kerogen analyses).


  1. to accurately map the distribution of source rocks in this major petroleum province of Mexico, showing the complexity and extent of various geochemical properties, and
  2. to allow the extrapolation of these maps into the deepwater GOM in US waters

Upper Jurassic Source Rocks:
Phase Two -- Biomarker Analyses

Detailed analysis of prospective source rocks for rock extract properties including carbon isotopes and biomarkers. The goal would be to establish geochemical characteristics of these rocks in terms of biomarker distributions, thermal maturity, depositional environments, lithofacies, and other correlation parameters.

75 Rock extractions
75 Whole Rock GC fingerprints
75 LC fractionation
75 Saturate carbon isotopes
75 Aromatic carbon isotopes
75 Saturate biomarkers
75 Aromatic biomarkers

This is a special proprietary report and is available only through carbonaterocks.com.



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